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Mission Masks - About us


Mask Makers

What started as the desire to make a few masks to help our healthcare workers turned into thousands of masks and dollars to protect our community and provide funding for local organizations.


Why buy our masks? Purpose and Quality

We produce a high quality product.  Our fabrics and elastics are comfortable to wear and easy to care for. We have received rave reviews on our mask comfort and design.

More than that your money goes to support our mission and our local agencies. 



Our team is creative, flexible and adaptive.  We are always looking for new ways to grow and learn.  We have partnered with many local organizations to increase awareness and fundraise for different causes.  We can also handle wholesale and promotions.  


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For Purpose - About Us

Welcome to our Marketplace For Purpose!

This is the place to find items being sold with profits going for purpose

The Beginning

This webpage was created as a platform to sell Fabric Face Masks during COVID-19.   It is now listing other products for sale with a purpose.

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